All About Bread Types

Read about the different types of bread, how to make bread, bread diets and everything that every bread lover wants to know

All About Bread Types - Read about the different types of bread, how to make bread, bread diets and everything that every bread lover wants to know

Bread Types

Bread Types

Bread is a very important staple in every single diet. In the past history bread has been regarded as an important part of the societies survival. Breads are consumed in various forms which contain leavening or not. Bread can be baked, it can be grilled, boiled and also fried. There shape also can be different that is it can be flat, loaf shaped, square, long, round and shaped like wreath. All of them have grains or flour in their ingredients. Bread are almost consumed for every meal of the day. When you go to a sandwich shop, you are surrounded with many of the choices . Before asking you for the type of filling, you are asked for the bread types you want. With the bread being the cornerstone of the global diet. It makes sense in having the varieties.

We can find a great variety of bread types in the world, some have long flavored types. Taking an example, Ireland is famous for its soda bread which is one of the unique of its type. While in Germany there are more than 200 types of bread from Graubrot to the schwarzbrot which shows us how vast is bread types. In fact, we can say that Germany likes bread and also had made the world o like it. Talking about the Europe, they are also pretty much influenced by bread, From tiger baguettes to cheese baked bread which comes from the continent. About the middle east bread is also there staple diet in the form of pita bread which is made from flour, water, yeast and salt an it is shaped in an oval pocket that can also be stuffed with various types of filling. Likewise in the south Asian part,naan is cook as crisp and flat bread in tandoor oven to produce a distinctive taste. There are also other bread types there like: chapati and parathas which are also famous in the sub continent.

There are many many types of bread because the history of bread is believed to be older than man’s existence on the planet. Some of the types are: corn bread, Cuban bread, focaccia bread, french bread, fry bread, Irish soda bread, Italian bread, Naan, pita bread and rye bread. Corn bread are famous in the American south. They are specialized in buttery corn bread. Cuban bread are crunchy which are believed to be the base for Cubano or Cuban sandwich. Focaccia bread are thick, doughy, warm and flavored and are famous in the Mediterranean region. French bread as the name suggest are french production and they are considered to an ultimate dinner bread. Fry bread are also one of its best types and is the native American bread and also is a part of modern Indian culture’s practice. Irish soda bread have a million of variation which is a yeast free original which had been pleasing from 1840′s . Italian bread which is also considered as another ultimate dinner bread which can be perfect with a little butter  and a little cheese or may be some garlic and tomato sauce. These are some of the famous types which are considered to be the world’s dominating bread types.

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